Soundscapes and the built environment

Sound layers, as they exist in a unique environment, create soundscapes—the clicks of typing, machinery beeps or the whirring of an air conditioner. 

A pleasant soundscape can positively impact our engagement, while a soundscape that exists as a by-product of acoustic failings can be harmful to our daily lives.

Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to noise can pose increased health risks, decrease learning and productivity and negatively affect revenue and earning potential.



Creating the right soundscape

With the right soundscape, people learn to associate positive experiences and productivity with sounds that are meant to be heard. Carefully chosen interior materials help us design a soundscape that encourages positive emotional and physical responses in the built environment.

Select the best floor covering to achieve your desired IIC rating

The patented Sound Advisor tool from Shaw Contract gives you the power to select the right flooring combination for your project's needs. 

Discover Sound Advisor

Hear the Difference

Sound Advisor is designed to help you select the right floor covering for your project by presenting the industry's most comprehensive set of data—all collected at the same lab, allowing you to accurately compare the difference between floor coverings.

Simply select the floor and ceiling construction for your project, apply the flooring choice and you can, for the first time, hear what the IIC score actually sounds like. 

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