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Rugs, a fully finished product

Shaw Contract area rugs are finished standard with non-skid backing and a serged edge or hidden edge, with no
order minimums. The 1-year edge warranty includes performance, specifically that the serged and hidden edges
will not unravel or separate under normal traffic.


Big ideas, broadloom!

Because Shaw Contract Rugs are manufactured using broadloom, the composition of your rug will be unique to your order and will not exactly match the pattern as rendered in our catalog. Our designers create patterns to accommodate various offset cuts. In each rug, the repetition of shapes, colors, and lines maintain and extend a playful rhythm no matter where they end.

See below our running line rugs sizes.


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Designed with an architectural sensibility, tumbling shapes and bold patterns are activated by playful perspectives and gestural loops.

Textures are generated by the intersection of lines and shapes. Intricate patterns emerge from repetition that keeps the eye moving.

Imaginative designs inspired by Moroccan journey. Layered motifs and forms are expressed throughout these visuals.

Physical impressions of our natural environment. Patterns find inspiration from geological detail.

Calling upon centuries of artisan rug practices, these visuals are familiar and updated with new techniques.

Watercolour washes, soft blending and artful strokes create transparently layers to create a memorable atmosphere.


Rugs in 60 Seconds

A short story about the collection.

Meet Our Collaborators


David Rockwell

Designs: Striation |

Artist Palette

"We're thrilled to introduce our first area rugs for Shaw Contract. Both designs express the organic patterns, brilliant hues, and varied textures of the American Southwest and are a wonderful addition to the new Desert Lights collection."


Adriana Jaroslavsky

Designs: Archway | Pathway

“I’m constantly in search of a way to generate feelings through my work. It’s inside of these very personal spaces that we create our stories — the narrative of our lives and feelings.”


Trish Andersen

Designs: Drip |


As a fine artist from Dalton, GA, who “paints” with yarn, Trish developed a signature style that embraces colour and texture in bold strokes. “Sometimes I have a hard time not using all the colours.”


Instant Installation

Installation is as simple as rolling out the rug. No accessories are needed; each of our rugs is designed and manufactured with attached non-skid backing and a serged or hidden edge. And to ensure long-term appearance retention and protection against pilling and fuzzing, we make our rugs from 100% recyclable nylon.


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Take a deeper dive into the inspiration behind each running line rug design.