Managing Moisture from the ground up

Shaw Contract is the only manufacturer that warrants from the subfloor to the finished product. Our comprehensive portfolio allows us to work with you to address your specific needs from basic to extreme conditions.

1 Provider - 1 System - 1 Warranty

Commercial property owners spend $1 billion annually on excessive moisture remediation and subsequent flooring replacement.

Shaw Contract offers the broadest selection of products to address moisture management concerns, targeting bottom-up issues in concrete.

EcoLogix® is our breathable backing system that allows moisture to rise and evaporate through the seams of the tile.

Shaw Contract’s moisture tolerant adhesive products offer no testing moisture options* for most of our product portfolio in almost any condition.

With Shaw Contract applied moisture barrier solutions, you can install your flooring as soon as 8 hours after application.

Renovations can be complicated, and so can concrete subfloors. MRP is a 2-part, water-based epoxy primer that can be installed over chemically abated floors.

Shaw Contract has developed a moisture treatment system that can handle nearly every moisture concern.


Our moisture treatment solutions are backed with a 10 Year Commercial Limited Warranty and it all starts with testing. Find your best solution based on our Moisture Decision Tree.

Carpet Tile Commercial Limited Warranty for EcoLogix ES
EcoLogix ES Specification
Advanced Skim Coat
Advanced Skim Coat Warranty
Fine Finish Patch Specification
Fine Finish Primer
Kovara 95 Seam Tape Specification
Kovara 95 Installation
Kovara 95 Specification
Kovara Box Grid Installation
Kovara MBX 2.5" Seam Tape
Kovara MBX Installation
Kovara MBX Specification
Kovara Warranty
LokDots Installation
LokDots Specification
LokDots Warranty
High Moisture Management Solutions - 10 year
MoistureShield™ 10 Year Commercial Limited Warranty
MoistureShield™ Application / Specification
MoistureShield™ for New Concrete 15 Year Commercial Limited Warranty
High Moisture Management Solutions - 10 year
MoistureTek™ Installation
MoistureTek™ Specification
MoistureTek™ Warranty
MRP Moisture Resistant Primer - 2 Year Commercial Limited Warranty
MRP Moisture Resistant Primer Application / Specification
4151 Specification
4151 Warranty
Surface Prep EXT Application / Specification
Surface Prep EXT Warranty
QuikFill Application
QuikFill Specification
QuikFill Warranty