Protect your investment

We offer the strongest warranties in the industry, maintaining accountability for the entire flooring system—from the engineering of the backing and fiber to the actual construction. The proper maintenance plan for your Shaw Contract flooring will help protect your investment by extending the life and performance of your products. To ensure you have the information you need to develop the maintenance plan that is right for you, we provide detailed maintenance guidelines for the entire product portfolio.

EcoWorx® - 100% Solution-Dyed
EcoWorx® - Non-Solution-Dyed
EcoLogix® - 100% Solution-Dyed
EcoLogix® - Non-Solution-Dyed
EcoLogix® and EcoLogix® ES - 100% Solution-Dyed + Moisture
EcoWorx® ES - 100% Solution-Dyed
EcoWorx® ES - Non-Solution-Dyed
EcoWorx® PX - 100% Solution-Dyed
EcoWorx® PX - Non-Solution-Dyed
EcoWorx® Walkoff - 100% Solution-Dyed
EcoWorx® Walkoff - Non-Solution-Dyed
StrataWorx® - 100% Solution-Dyed
StrataWorx® - Non-Solution-Dyed
3 Year Commercial
5 Year Commercial
Commercial Cushion
1000 Adhesive
1036 Adhesive
1200 Adhesive
3600 Adhesive
3800 Adhesive
4000 Adhesive
4100 Adhesive
4151 Adhesive
5000, 5001, 5036 Adhesive
5100 Adhesive
8300 Seam Sealer
MM800 Adhesive
S150 Adhesive
Product Specific Trims + Transitions
Resilient Through-Body Accessories