Go Below the surface of sustainable flooring 

With IOBAC adhesive-free solutions, Shaw Contract carpet tiles and LVT planks can be easily installed on all types of floors. It is a new option that contributes to a Cradle-to-Cradle way of thinking and a shift to a Circular Economy approach. When lifted the tile and the sub-floor remain undamaged, meaning the carpet tile can be reused or more easily recycled, and the sub-floor is protected, avoiding cleaning and remedial costs. 

Shaw Contract is the ONLY flooring manufacturer to offer


 MagTabs® / Tab-It® 2nd location warranty

Adhesive-Free solutions 

Magnetic on one side and dry-tack on the other, IOBAC MagTabs® work by locking tiles tightly together using a unique 2-dimensional grip to create the next generation in “floating floor” technology. A simple installation for carpet and LVT on metal raised access floors. 

Ultra-thin, double-sided dry-tack adhesive tabs for cleanly fixing and uplifting carpet tiles and LVT on most prepared sub-floors, including non-metal raised access floors, concrete, wood, ceramic.  

Why adhesive free?

With IOBAC adhesives-free solutions, there is no residue on the tile or the floor. The tile is safe to be reused elsewhere or recycled. 
Reuse avoids extra embodied carbon, with independent whole life embodied carbon modelling showing up to 80% carbon savings with adhesive-free installation. 

Floors installed using IOBAC technology are incredibly easy to lift and hard to shift, making flooring a flexible design element used to enhance spaces. 
Reversible fixing mechanisms means sub-floor assets are left intact and immediately ready for the next install, no remedial work required, and the floor covering can be reused. 

This proven and simplified installation process saves time and money.  
The redesign, refurbishment and re-purposing of spaces are carried out with minimal disruption– simply uplift existing tile and replace. 
Repair, maintenance, and labour costs are reduced. 

Future proof your space by specifying adhesive free flooring  

Not only can flooring be easily deconstructed and repurposed using IOBAC's adhesive-free solutions, but they also enable carbon savings through reuse and contribute to obtaining additional credit points towards sustainable building certification. 

IOBAC's modern flooring installation methods come with a robust warranty and are engineered to enable flooring reuse. Sub-floors remain clean and undamaged in between leases, saving on expensive remedial and dilapidation costs.  Furthermore, they eliminate all VOCs associated with adhesives for improved Indoor Air Quality and contribute towards sustainability goals such as RICS SKA ratings, LEED and BREAM. 

With IOBAC trusted modern installation method, discover how you can eliminate messy wet trades, save time and money while bringing extra value.  


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CPD: An alternative solution in adhesive-free workplace flooring   

For interior architects, designers, facilities managers, contractors, explore the benefits of flooring using adhesive-free methods. This CPD looks at options for adhesive-free flooring solutions and examines what is available for the commercial workplace, including magnetic flooring systems. Adhesive-free flooring as a system is considered from the perspectives of sustainability, design flexibility and operational impacts.  

Case study: Kindred-installed with MagTabs 

These tabs, magnetic on one side and adhesive to the tile on the other, were used to securely hold the carpet tiles to the metal raised access floor. Traditional installation methods were not an option due to the end clients’ concerns over its odour and sustainability credentials.   

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CIRCLEASE FLOOR leasing (UK only)

Circlease™ Floor Leasing by IOBAC and Shaw Contract EMEA couples sustainable, circular flooring with flexible financing options. As part of your lease, there is a commitment to cleanly uplift and reuse flooring elsewhere, improving material circularity and reducing embodied carbon. This service is only offered in United Kingdom.

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