Why is EcoSolution Q100™ fibre important?  



Made from 100% recycled content nylon fibre, EcoSolution Q100™ fibre helps contribute to our carpet tile products being optimised for low embodied carbon. This is reflected in the EC3 tool (Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator) values. Every m2 of Shaw Contract EcoWorx® flooring for example with EcoSolution Q100™ fibre reduces the carbon impact by 42%, versus traditional carpet tile.

Specifications for our EcoSolution Q100 will feature a banner that says “Carbon Neutral – Low Embodied Carbon” for the designated carpet tile collections. Products with EcoSolution Q100™ are carbon neutral.

Andrew Jackson, Business Development Director, EMEA comments: “We have a vision to ensure that each decision we make at Shaw Contract is knowledge led and puts people (specifiers and space users) first. We take responsibility for every step of the design and manufacturing process and a key factor in the performance of our carpet tile collections comes via raw material fibre that we manufacture in house.”

“Our new EcoSolution Q100™ fibre, a Nylon 6 fibre, requires less energy to produce during the manufacturing extrusion process and it has 100%post-industrial recycled content.”


The EcoSolution Q100™ fibre boasts over 200 colour options from vibrant hues to subtle neutrals. It is designed to reduce the visibility of dirt and soil while retaining colour and appearance - meaning with a proper maintenance routine in place, the yarn will not change in colour due to exposure to light or atmospheric elements. And to prove our confidence in it, this is backed by a lifetime commercial warranty which covers fibre abrasive wear, static protection, and staining.

EcoSolution Q100™ fibre is manufactured by Shaw Industries, Shaw Contract’s parent company. This means we have control over our raw material quality and supply. As a vertically integrated company, everyone at Shaw Contract takes responsibility for the impact our finished products have on the occupants of a space. And material health, one of the five core pillars of the Cradle-to-Cradle approach we have been working with for over 20 years, requires we are mindful of all material ingredients.

From the raw materials we source for fibre pellets, to fibre extrusion, to designing and manufacturing carpet it is crucial that we understand the impact fibre has on the overall performance of carpet. Our goal is to deliver high performance flooring without compromising design or the health of the people and planet.

For more information on EcoSolution Q100 please visit our Technical page https://www.shawcontract.com/en-GB/Technical/carpet-backings

For more information on our Sustainability approach please visit https://www.shawcontract.com/en-GB/Sustainability/People-Planet