Regenerative design

A system-led collection


Regenerative design influences our Living Systems collection, with organic and textural aesthetics. Living Systems mirrors nature, responds to be adaptive and transforms outlooks for all interior spaces.

Step into a space designed to engage, evolve and revitalise the senses.

The Living Systems collection provides a warm and holistic experience for the places where we collaborate, learn and work.

Being able to offer a flooring system that can be combined and recombined mimics how the natural world is constantly renewing, regenerating and colouring environments as it progresses through time and space.”

– Marcy Ewing, Living Systems Design Director, Global Studio

Colour themes - Orange

Pull a pop of energy into your interior

Orange, pink and yellow tones combine beautifully with soft greys and wood tones.

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Create organic progression

Create subtle colour shifts and build pattern scale across the floor with Living Systems, a new collection for EMEA that is designed to engage, evolve and revitalise the senses.