SixForty North Wells, Chicago, IL by Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture  

Grounded in Community

People are fast becoming urbanized, seeking multi-family dwellings to support this lifestyle. Shaw Contract aims to make a Smarter Impact with product innovations that enhance safety and comfort in multi-family environments.


How Can Flooring Impact The Way We Live?

The very essence of what it means to “settle down” is shifting. Multi-family living – apartments, condos, and townhomes – are now often a first-choice lifestyle. This lifestyle is appealing whether you are a newly-retired empty-nester or a young professional transitioning to the big city. 

With this trend comes increased competition in the market, and residents’ tastes are more discerning than ever. With so many options to choose from, unique amenities and beautiful finishes aren’t just a factor in the decision, they are often the deciding differentiator.

Stay   |   6 ft   |   Together

A Return to Multi-Storybook

Apply new practices that help ensure healthy interior spaces at home.


Tower 12 by Sechrist Design Associates, Inc.

An Authentic Foundation

Evidence-based design puts an emphasis on natural connection and influences. Select products that work together across your floor-plan, while exuding the authenticity and comfort your residents crave.


Multi-family collections

Build a comfortable home from the ground up

LVT with the look of wood grain flooring.

Neutrals in striking textures, made for living spaces.

Artisan craftsmanship combined with durability.

A resilient product that's water-resistant and durable.

Multi-family Categories


Franklin Tower by PMC Property Group

Our Multi-family segment serves: 





Flooring for Everyday Comfort

Sound Advisor™ helps you hear the acoustic difference between a variety of hard and soft surfaces, with or without underlayments.

Using our low-VOC adhesive means that move-in dates are on-track, with sustainable products secured to the floor.

From initial concepts to spatial visualization, our custom services team helps achieve your design vision to meet deadlines.