Local Landscapes

This collection is inspired by the world outside your door and our collective desire to bring the outdoors inside, and all the ways you design spaces to with nature—not against it. ​


NeoCon Recap

Explore our showroom and new collections showcased at NeoCon 2024.


Art + Science

Introducing Art + Science: a revolutionary PVC-free resilient, changing the way we think about hard surface performance and circularity.​

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Connected Threads StrataWorx

Celebrating a foundation of materiality appreciation and reuse, every stitch and loop adds to our understanding of the threads that bind us. Create a sense of refinement with Connected Threads Strataworx, a collection that pays tribute to the heritage of textile crafts. ​

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ROAM | Arctic Escape

ROAM I Arctic Escape is inspired by the frost covered and icy landscapes of the polar tundra. Fields covered in glistening snow, cool tones, carved textures and organic patterns are designed in a variety of constructions to transport guests to a remote and relaxing wellness adventure akin to the arctic landscape. 

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Creative Zone

When unexpected objects interrupt our familiar landscape, human curiosity comes alive through connectivity, exploration and joyful discovery. Introducing Creative Zone: transform the spaces where we learn and grow and all the areas in between.

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Design has the power to help build culture and connection by creating spaces that draw people together. The Cultura Collection is a celebration of the unique ways we connect ​and create harmony through shared experiences, empathy and understanding.

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ROAM | Painted Desert

ROAM | Painted Desert is inspired by the vistas of the North American Southwest. Sun-drenched color, texture and organic patterns are designed in a variety of constructions to immerse guests in the calming vibration of the desert landscape.

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Anthology is grounded in tradition, drawing inspiration from a diverse array of cultural and design influences. The collection artfully creates spaces that foster a sense of connection and community. Thoughtfully crafted around a unifying thread that connects the past, present, and future.

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Quick Ship

Speed of delivery and exceptional choice come together to define our offering of quick ship products. Get hundreds of tile and broadloom products shipped in four weeks or less, with select styles in stock and ready for immediate shipment in two weeks or less.

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