Designer Centre

At whatever stage you are at in your design process, our design team and suite of tools are here to make the process easier - from idea starters & inspiration to full selection and visualization support. Tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each of your projects.

Design Inspiration

Our thoughtfully curated palettes combine colour, texture, pattern and materials—all based on the most intriguing design trends.

On a basic level, we feel an innate physical need to reconnect to nature. Our physical and psychological health are improved by exposure to nature. Fully immersive biophilic landscapes connect us

We could all use a little more colour in our life. Especially in the places we work, live, learn, grow and heal. That’s why we joined forces with Benjamin Moore.

Market Ready Flooring Solutions

A curated collection of Innovations wallcoverings that will pair perfectly with our flooring.

Design Tools

Create 2D Floors mixing products and installation methods

Upload your photos and see products in the floor instantly.

Experiment with carpet design any time, any place in Foundry, Shaw Contract's interactive online design tool. With Foundry, custom-coloured hospitality carpet is only a click away.

Choose your design path with our Inside Shapes Collection.

From installation methods to visualising colour schemes in a floor plan, to understanding the amount of flooring material needed for an installation.

Adhering to brand standards for hospitality owners and operators honors the aesthetic representation of its brand and its vision.

Educational & Support

Shaw Contract Design Studios explore the intersection of global, micro, and macro design trends and their applications in the built environment.

Our Custom Design Studio can transform your imaginings into unique flooring to fit your space

Many designers are required to engage in Continuing Education Units or CEUs to sharpen their skills and improve their perspectives on specific subjects.

Our clients expect forward-thinking design and innovative product solutions. Year after year, Shaw Contract receives numerous accolades celebrating excellence in product design and sustainable leadership practices.

Our series is here to help us understand how we all can design to be Human Centric, Insight Led and Optimistic. Watch Architects around the Globe sharing their projects and experiences.

Inforum is a single point of contact for your Shaw Contract questions. Our dedicated team of experts is available to assist you select the right products for your needs.