Education Reflections

Education Reflections book is a comprehensive resource, born from our collective knowledge and experiences. We hope that it serves as a catalyst for meaningful discussions, collaboration, and positive change and innovation. This journal was created as a way to explore your own reflections and reframe the challenges we face in education today. Together, we can shape a brighter future for our students.

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Designing Education Environments for the Future

At Shaw Contract, we understand that every learner is unique. We know learning environments influence and play a vital role in the development of our children. These spaces unite us. They provide a foundation for the future of our communities. Together, we have a responsibility to create environments that support a feeling of safety, belonging, and familiarity. A place where every individual can find their identity. A place where everybody counts.

What if your flooring could help students learn?​

When students, faculty and administration feel at ease and inspired by their environment, the learning process is positively impacted. Shaw Contract provides the foundation for environments that optimize engagement, support teaching and inspire learning.

South Clearfield Elementary by Fielding International

Inspiring creative learning spaces

Optimize Engagement, Support Teaching 
and Inspire Learning

Engaging learning environments support the development of cognitive skills, offer the freedom to experience diversity, and inspire creativity. We are committed to designing flooring solutions to support active learning, flexibility, and are safe and healthy for humans and the environment. Our product portfolio supports our commitment – providing soft and hard surfaces for every space. We recognize that spaces, like learners, are unique.

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Based on one of our bestselling designs, this collection provides pops of color on a neutral base to convey your school's identity and spirit.

A system of colours and visuals designed to create collaborative zones within the spaces where we learn and play.

Create dynamic learning spaces that encourage inquiry, action, imagination and collaboration, building the foundation for creative ideas to grow.

Education Solutions

Dynamic learning spaces demand flexible design and high-performance materials that work hard under pressure and respond to the unique needs of busy learners. These insights reflect a few of the principal opportunities and challenges that we’ve identified after dozens of semesters in the education sector.

St Clare's Primary School by ROAM Architecture




A recent study reveals that the physical aspects of a classroom such as color, light, textures and air quality could improve a student's learning progress by up to 16%. ​

By tailoring flooring to students' functional needs within a holistically designed space, we can positively impact their learning experience. ​

Product Human Impact is an integrative approach designed to enhance student, teacher and community experience while addressing a broad range of design choices including safety, acoustics, material health and biophilic design.​


Active learning encourages lively engagement of students. As more voices are being projected within a single space at a single time, smarter flooring choices can enhance your soundscape - encouraging positive emotional and physical responses in the space. 



Create Dynamic Spaces for Curious Minds to Thrive In​


We believe that the process guides us to action. Our vision is to understand learning environments around the world so that we can design flooring to provide the foundation for these communal spaces. As part of our journey, we have developed tools and resources to inspire your learning space. ​

  • Palettes – curated to combine color, texture and materials. ​
  • Installation Ideas – explore ways to build pattern scale in your space.​
  • Visualization Services – available to create rendering files based on floor plans, design inspirations or sketches.

Colour Outside the Lines

Explore curated palettes by colour to inspire your next education space.

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StudioOne is here for you with inspiration, thought starters and tools to fuel your next project. It’s all about saving time so you have more of it to do what you love. Let’s start.

Hickory Ridge Elementary School by Yates Chreitzberg Hughes Architects

Together, We Walk Forward With Purpose

Our view of sustainability takes a holistic approach in which we create a positive impact on people and the planet. We are driven to design product solutions that enhance the human experience and well-being in learning environments, while minimizing our use of natural resources.


Together, We Walk Forward With Purpose

Our view of sustainability takes a holistic approach in which we create a positive impact on people and the planet. We are driven to design product solutions that enhance the human experience and well-being in learning environments, while minimizing our use of natural resources.


Solutions for Functionality

Our No Rules carpet tile styles allow you to mix dye lots undetectably, selectively replace tiles and install at random.

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Fiber is a key factor in carpet performance – determine which fiber type is best for your learning space.

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Offering a variety of solutions to complete the needs of your flooring installation.

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The proper maintenance plan for your flooring will help protect your investment by extending the life and performance of your products.

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With products that offer endless design possibilities, we ensure easy-to-follow installation instructions and technical support are available.

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Solve slab moisture issues with our product solutions and our adhesives and epoxies.

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In The Know

Hip Hop celebrates its 50th anniversary - understand how the culture is impacting students.

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