Step into Longevity

Home is a State of Mind

Residents have many choices, and often the deciding factor lies in the look and feel of a community. These spaces are blending home and hotel, working to blend a tranquil space with a retreat oasis. 

Comfort & Beauty

Spaces are blending home and hotel, working to blend a tranquil space with a retreat oasis. 


Comfort Anywhere 

Carpet tile offers limitless flexibility of design for engaging and welcoming spaces.

Combine styles and patterns to create a visual and practical interpretation of all the elements that enrich your space.

Combine our LVT products with carpet tiles and broadloom to create unique spaces, comfort and visuals that stand the time.

Feels Like Home


Japara 'The Regent', Aged Care Facility by Spowers. Photo Tatjana Plitt. Featuring Haven Collection Carpet Tiles.


Solutions for Health and Well-Being

Installing our polish-optional LVT or sheet eliminates the need for stripping and waxing, keeping spaces operational during maintenance and cleaning.

Our area rugs products can bring comfort and create cozy spaces when installed over hard surfaces. See all our option

With the right soundscape, people learn to associate positive experiences and productivity with sounds that are meant to be heard.

We offer the broadest selection of products to address moisture management concerns, targeting bottom-up issues.

As you explore the use of alternative products for interim cleaning and disinfection, our recommendations for the function, appearance and long-term life of your floor are guided by industry experts and science.

LokSeam offers an alternative to transition strips. This two part clear polyester polyurethane polymer-fortified, nonflammable seam sealer is recommended for sealing / bonding vinyl to vinyl and vinyl to carpet applications.

Sole™ with Sensfloor® Technology

Sole™ considers the living experience and focuses on the design of the ground under our feet. With integration in existing building systems, it offers invisible and discreet assistance in delivering timely and efficient information to supplement care. 

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Perfect combination of Carpet Tiles and Broadloom installed side by side. Featuring Cultivate Soul Collection.

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