Driving Circular Construction



Reducing waste.  Reusing materials. Saving carbon.

Consuming up to 50% of raw materials worldwide, and generating around 60% of the UK’s waste*,  the construction industry has a bigger part than most to play in addressing climate change.

When it comes to flooring, using traditional adhesive-based installation methods can contaminate both the sub-floor and flooring itself, making it difficult to reuse materials and creating contaminated sub-floors that are messy and expensive to clean.

The modern method of flooring installation


That’s why Shaw Contract EMEA’s preferred installation method for carpet and Luxury Vinyl tiles is adhesive-free IOBAC MagTabs® and Tab-It®.

These reversible fixing mechanisms enable our flooring tiles to be cleanly uplifted, reused or recycled after first use, damage-free with no mess.

Trusted to perform in demanding environments, these award-winning are being increasingly specified by major end-user clients alongside our products.

We are the only flooring manufacturer to provide an industry-first 2nd location warranty which gives peace of mind that our products can be reused without compromising performance, future-proofing your specification.

Benefits of Adhesive-free Installation for Contractors

✓ Messy wet trades eliminated

✓ Quick, dry laid process enables multiple trades to work around each other

✓ Saving time, money and disruption

✓ Placed at corners of the flooring tile, IOBAC Tabs cover only 4% of floor, compared to adhesive and friction-based backings which require 100%

✓ Easy access, repair and maintenance

✓ Uplifted floor tiles and sub-floor are uncontaminated – giving them an extended life via reuse or recycling

✓ A trusted method for meeting increasing number of specifications for adhesive-free installation

✓ Offer clients an option for credits towards sustainability accreditations such as LEED andBREEAM through material reuse

✓ Independent whole life embodied carbon modelling shows up to 80% carbon savings with adhesive-free installation

✓ Health & Wellbeing - VOCs associated with adhesives eliminated

✓ Designed for deconstruction - IOBAC reversible fixing mechanisms allow easy separation of Shaw Contract carpet and LVT at end of lease

✓ Design flexibility - easier repurposing of assets for agile, adaptable spaces

✓ Combine Shaw Contract carpet tiles and LVT in one design using same adhesive-free installation method

Save Time, Money & Disruption

IOBAC Tabs are a simple, intuitive dry-laid installation method.

Shaw Contract EMEA Carpet and Luxury Vinyl Tiles are simply dry-laid on the sub-floor or over existing flooring. 

✓ Simplified installation process – no fiddly clicking or messy wet trades

✓ Minimal preparation materials and steps - no sealants, primers or plywood bases needed

✓ Multiple trades can work around each other more easily

✓ Flooring can be trafficked immediately - no cure times 

✓ Proven method trusted to perform in demanding environments

✓ Contractor wellbeing - VOCs associated with adhesives eliminated

✓ Universally compatible - use seamlessly with both Shaw Contract EMEA carpet tile and Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Magtabs /Tab-It Installation

Help your clients with a solution that saves carbon and earns them credits towards sustainability accreditations such as LEED and BREEAM through material reuse

A trusted method for meeting the increasing number of specifications for adhesive-free installation from major end-user clients.

IOBAC MagTabs and Tab-It are Shaw Contract EMEA stock items for short lead-times, fast delivery and smoother running projects.

15 year warranty when IOBAC Tabs are used with Shaw Contract carpet tiles and Luxury Vinyl Tiles
2nd location warranty enabling reuse of flooring, saving carbon and costs

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