What if Flooring could Redefine the Workplace?

The nature of work is evolving, and innovative businesses are reimagining spaces to create more flexible, healthier environments in which their teams can thrive.


Designed as a quick and easy system, SelectOFFICE offers an array of quick ship, in stock, and running line products that combine our design and segment expertise to solve your need for high-performing, budget-driven choices. 

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Project Photography

 See some of the world’s most progressive spaces featuring Shaw Contract flooring.

Palette of Possibilities

 Market ready flooring solutions that offer coordinated product combinations based on budget requirements, expedited lead times, and aesthetic preferences of the workplace.


 StudioOne is here for you with inspiration, thought starters and tools to fuel your next project. It’s all about saving time so you have more of it to do what you love. Let’s start.

3D Floor Design Tool

 Our 3D Floor Design Tool lets you customize product installations and view highly detailed product imagery in a photo-realistic space.


Together, We Walk Forward With a Purpose

We Want it Back

Products should have flexibility to become a future source of raw materials. At the end of its useful life, Shaw Contract will reclaim and recycle our EcoWorx backed carpet tile to make more EcoWorx products through the re[TURN] Reclamation Program.

 Read about the impact and how Shaw Contract has recognized FNBO for their commitment to sustainability and environmental leadership.

Discover how our re[TURN] Reclamation Program has allowed us, with the help of our customers, to recycle almost 1 billion pounds of carpet.

Shaw manufactured resilient products can now be taken back and recycled into new product at the end of its useful life as part of our return reclamation program.

Our view of sustainability encompasses the environmental health of our products and our operations, and also how our products impact human experience.

When we talk about sustainability, we join the causes of people and planet together - social and environmental concerns combined.

Neutral is not enough is our call to action. We are one planet. We cannot afford to be neutral. We must make changes and take act together.


A new, innovative flooring made​ from post-consumer PET bottles, is the first​ Shaw Contract collection to launch on the​ flooring platform, ReWorx™. This hybrid flooring solution combines the​ durability of a hard surface with the comfort​ of a soft surface.

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An innovative hard surface collection with a rock solid mineral core that provides solutions to the high performance demands of the commercial spaces where we work, learn, heal and live.

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Curated Designs to Make Life Easier

Quick Ship & In Stock

Nearly 80% of our orders ship from inventory, and with millions of square feet of product made to stock, we’ll help keep your project on time, everytime.

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SelectONE in 60 Seconds

An In Stock collection that combines our design and segment expertise to solve your needs for high-performing, budget-driven choices. Thoughtfully curated into one easy-access collection.

SelectONE Installation Ideas

Combining the ease and flexibility of our In Stock collection with infinite pattern and color combinations. Offering a variety of choices that provide options to implement wayfinding, zoning, and transitions.

StrataWorx Backing System

Combining modern materials and innovative manufacturing for a lightweight, durable carpet tile backing system. Read more about the performance of StrataWorx.

No Transitions, StrataWorx

Offering a cost-effective product solution, StrataWorx® paired with 2.5 mm LVT presents approximately 20 - 25% material cost savings on projects where carpet tile and LVT are desired.


Solutions for Functionality

Understanding Sound in the Workplace

A study from the Center for the Built Environment found that the biggest frustration for employees working in an open office floor plan was the lack of sound privacy.  Understanding sound from the beginning of a project can help you and your client avoid unwanted noise disruption and frustrations, allowing for a more productive work environment.

Our Sound Advisor™ tool gives you the abillity to select the ideal flooring combination and hear the acoustic difference between flooring types.

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Our No Rules carpet tile styles allow you to mix dye lots undetectably, selectively replace tiles and install at random.

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Fiber is a key factor in carpet performance – determine which fiber type is best for your learning space.

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Offering a variety of solutions to complete the needs of your flooring installation.

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The proper maintenance plan for your flooring will help protect your investment by extending the life and performance of your products.

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With products that offer endless design possibilities, we ensure easy-to-follow installation instructions and technical support are available.

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Solve slab moisture issues with our product solutions and our adhesives and epoxies.

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Feels Like Home

The tactile comfort of area rugs.

Shaw Contract commercial rugs create spaces that encourage collaboration, radiate warmth, and provide improved acoustics in the workplace. Rugs bring us together by creating intriguing vignette spaces that are perfect for conversation.

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Through the Lens of a Design Optimist

The Listening Room

Shaw Contract invites thought leaders from the global design community to tell their stories, share their passions and exchange ideas. Each conversation is an opportunity to speak, listen and make discoveries. Take a listen.

People in Place Lookbook

 Creating a deeper, more meaningful connection between people and place. This Lookbook provides insights and explores how global design leaders are looking beyond how we work - and focusing on the why.

Flexibility Chapbook

 Explore Shaw Contract's A Place of Progress chapbook, which delves into a few of Shaw Contract's flooring products and solutions that can help contribute to a more flexible workspace.

Inclusivity Pocket Guide 

 What does it mean to be inclusive? As part of the People In Place Series, Shaw Contract has launched Inclusivity by Design, a Pocket Guide created to inspire conversation and celebrate each other’s differences.


Workplace Learning


Learn and Engage

Industry CEUs are ideal opportunities to find inspiration, learn about technical solutions or how our environments impact our health and well-being. Shaw Contract offers a number of CEUs accredited by IDCEC and AIA.

Moisture Solutions
Wellness Lifestyle Design
Resilient Flooring

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Learning Opportunities Available

We can meet with you face-to-face or provide these trainings virtually in our on-demand CEUs and our live digital CEUs series. Contact your Shaw Contract account manager for available learning opportunities or connect with us on live chat.