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Flooring For An Empowered Workforce

We make a Smarter Impact in the workplace by optimizing flooring for employee well-being and productivity. We’re transforming the modern office into an adaptive, generative space.

The Flexible Workplace of the Future.

Explore Shaw Contract's A Place of Progress chapbook, which delves into a few of  Shaw Contract's flooring products and solutions that can help contribute to a more flexible workplace through the lens of three key insights: Feels Like Home, A Workplace that Flows, and Here Today for a Better Tomorrow.

Shaw Contract's A Place of Progress

People in Place Lookbook

People in Place showcases some of the world’s most progressive and inspiring workplaces from around the world featuring a full range of Shaw Contract flooring solutions. These projects look beyond the function of how we work and provide insights into the why, why we work better in workplaces that meet not just our needs but our senses. It is more than just beautiful spaces. It is about creating a deeper, more meaningful connection between people and place.  

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Get Inspired

See some of the world’s most progressive, inclusive, and inspiring spaces that are shaping the future of workplace design by creating a deeper, more meaningful connection between people and place.

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A Palette of Possibilities

Market ready flooring solutions that offer coordinated product combinations based on budget requirements, expedited lead times, and aesthetic preferences of the workplace. 

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What if Flooring could Redefine the Workspace?

The nature of work is evolving, and innovative businesses are re-imagining spaces to create more flexible, healthier environments in which their teams can thrive. Floor plans have opened up, collaboration is an architectural directive, and versatility has become synonymous with scalability. Workplaces have emerged as adaptive, dynamic spaces that advance a company’s culture and values.

Shaw Contract’s human-centric approach creates positive design innovations to meet the needs of an evolving global workforce. Our suite of Cradle to Cradle Certified™ flooring products create professional environments that attract the right talent and help people do their best work. By optimizing for employee well-being and productivity, we’re helping transform the modern office into a rewarding workspace.


Creating Space

Everything is Connected

At Shaw Contract, we take a holistic approach to sustainability, because everything we do each day has an impact. We create responsibly manufactured flooring to support the human experience and a healthier planet.


Workplace collections

A workplace that works for you

Mirroring nature, this collection co-creates a living system for all interior spaces.

Engineered hardwood has the power to bring warmth, familiarity, and tactility to commercial spaces.

An award-winning carpet collection that brings the feeling of home to workplace

Inspired by natural materials, each style and colorway creates a palette of neutrals and colors.

Delivering the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality.

Designed to evoke feeling and personal connection.


Understanding Sound in the Workplace

A study from the Center for the Built Environment found that the biggest frustration for employees working in an open office floor plan was the lack of sound privacy.  Understanding sound from the beginning of a project can help you and your client avoid unwanted noise disruption and frustrations, allowing for a more productive work environment. ​

To learn more about the impacts of sound, contact your local Shaw Contract Account Manager to schedule our CEU; Acoustics, Flooring and the Built Environment.

Community Collection

Create a Sense of Place 

Diverse spaces require diverse solutions. As a total flooring solutions provider, Shaw Contract offers a wide range of products including hardwood, resilient, broadloom, carpet tile, rugs, and accessories. Layer them together to create warmth and texture in a holistic experience.

Workplace Categories


Mimecast by L Design featuring Primitive and Resurface

Our Workplace segment provides solutions for:

Professional Services
Tenant Improvement


Solutions for the Modern Workplace

Our view of sustainability encompasses the environmental health of our products and our operations, and also how our products impact human experience.

Nearly 80% of our orders ship from inventory, and with millions of square feet of product made to stock, we’ll help keep your project project on time, every time.

Our Sound Advisor™ tool gives you the ability to select the ideal flooring combination and hear the acoustic difference between flooring types.


Slack HQ by Studio O+A, featuring Dye Lab

Slack HQ

Studio O+A replicated moods and sights experienced in nature when they set out to design Slack’s new headquarters.