India Case Studies

Explore this section and know how Shaw Contract's flooring products have made a spectacular difference to visual aesthetics, underfoot comfort and branding to several premium spaces across India.

Project success stories from India

An execution that establishes the client’s standing in the Indian food industry. 

A new workspace that had to facilitate collaboration, flexibility, sustainability, and wellness.

Recreating the experiential joy of the four forces of nature through themed design. 

A modern office in a historic city; inspired by its unique culture, aesthetics and regional context.

Reaffirming the impact of spiritual, aesthetic, and functional design in  a modern workspace.

A creative connection between the client's cyber security business and Earth's layers for a new workspace. 

A city that has moulded India's artistic and design trajectory since decades.   

The seen and unseen, tangible and intangible aspects of the interior design. 

Using Nordic LVT for transition spaces to give a composed look to the floor.

This company is a Bangalore-based green energy firm with a focus on solar energy and windmill farms.

The project comprised 3700 Sq. Mt. of carpet area on the seventh floor of a building in Hyderabad’s premier business district.

A 108-room, four-star property for the country's premium hotel chain at Kerala, the state famous for coastal tourism.

A brand-focused environment with global design standards for circulation, accessibility, wellness, and sustainability.

A visually pleasant and Biophilic workspace that draws nature’s elements into indoor spaces while being true to the city's ethos.

The hexagon emerges when bisected on the circumference by unchanged radius, followed by joining the intersections.

The true hallmark of a beach hotel is its ability to thematically and experientially connect to the sea, and the famous Goan vibe.

The office had to maintain high standards of sustainability, specifically LEED benchmarks and highlight the company's branding.

One of the most profound changes in the office space ecosystem over the last decade is the emergence of co-working spaces.