Shaw Contract Design Awards 2023

Participant project profiles


SDA 2023. Looking through the Design Optimist lens. 

Out of over 650 submissions spanning 40 countries, 39 exceptional projects emerged as Best of
Region Winners in our 2023 Shaw Contract Design Awards. Here are a few of projects from India that competed in the prestigious event.  

A workspace that enhances sense of community, collaboration & work-life balance. 

Infusing dynamism through distinctive, attractive, and sustainable elements. 

Information is power. And the office environment goes a long way in conveying authority.

Not a physical conglomeration. But a unification of their values and principles. 

Colours and eco-friendly materials evolvedinto one integrated green form. 

Highly functional workspace with a deep emphasis on Biophilia and wellness features.

Symbolising a dynamic, yogic, and sustainable work ethic and environment. 

A workspace that does justice to the ample natural elements surrounding the building.

For employees to collaborate, innovate, re-invent, connect, and also chill out.

'Light' as the design theme to inspire employee wellness and comfort. 

 Fulfilling the primary deliverable – a comfortable and productive environment. 

Design reflecting Biophilia, sustainability value system, and DEI policies.

A new workspace that had to facilitate collaboration, flexibility, sustainability, and wellness.

Recreating the experiential joy of the four forces of nature through themed design. 

Vaastu principles with an emphasis on Biophilia, water, air, earth, fire, and sky.

Embracing material health, circular economy, diversity, equity & inclusion.

Making a connection and evoking timeless beauty, sophistication, and balance. 

Creating a fresh and seamless workspace reflecting the ability to innovate. 

A city that has moulded India's artistic and design trajectory since decades.   

The seen and unseen, tangible and intangible aspects of the interior design. 

An execution that establishes the client’s standing in the Indian food industry. 

A modern office in a historic city; inspired by its unique culture, aesthetics and regional context.

Reaffirming the impact of spiritual, aesthetic, and functional design in  a modern workspace.

A creative connection between the client's cyber security business and Earth's layers for a new workspace.